Curtis Harding’s Soul Power

Perhaps this is not novel, because he is not novel, plus Napo’s long tradition of delaying things, this post arrives a little later than it should have. But perhaps you do not know of Curtis Harding, whose album ‘Soul Power’ loops again and again in my ears.


Strong of very serious accolades (YSL produced a video – here – as part of its ‘Saint Laurent Music Project‘ and Jack White picked him as an opening act this summer), a peerless combination of voice and groove in today’s dull musical landscape, he is making waves and relentlessly tours the gospel – his gospel.

Made of soul and funk, of warmth and controlled frenesy, tunes such as ‘Freedom’ or ‘Heaven’s on the Other Side’ send us back to the 70’s. He may have described his style as sloppin’ soul he is nonetheless paying high respect to his elders.

This is his most likable feature: while original in sound and character, Curtis Harding is also a worthy heir to these days, when the blues and soul were king and queen, an era we look back to with admiration.

Bonus link: an acoustic version of ‘Castaway’ found on a French blog.