MACM – Musée d’Art Classique de Mougins

Perhaps the motto of the MACM should say something about quality over size.

Niched in Mougins, a few minutes drive from the French Riviera town of Cannes, in itself a rather small village, the museum does not impress by its volume or square-footage. Instead, it inhabits a large house, and collection are presented on 3 levels.


The main attractions at the MACM are the classic collections and the bridges built with modern art from and to the classic era. In practice, this means that Roman Emperors busts can be acting in the same way as a modern day drawing of the same emperor.

Across the rooms of the museum, these connections are set in motion to provoke a discussion and link us to our past. Here with a Picasso print, there with a Yves Klein sculpture, we are told that art builds on the shoulders of previous artists, in the way usually attributed to scientists. IMG_2982

The discussion continues with a number of conferences the MACM organizes, with archaeologists and collectors initiating a lecture or a debate.


The MACM also owns a large collection of Roman and Greek eras war artifacts: shields, swords and the like. But its impressive display of warrior’s helmets steal the show on the floor and are given an excellent place, where the visitor is placed face-to-helmet. A great way to stimulate the imagination, perhaps even more than the relations to newer objects presented along these.IMG_5210

Other troves are pro-eminent fertility ‘stones’, mosaics, everyday life objects and coins.IMG_5211

Read more about the coin collection here.

Lastly, you can get the very well made book/catalogue of the museum (from which the above pages are excerpts) on Amazon or by paying a visit to the museum.