Luxury Toys: Classic Cars

CoverEditor teNeues knows a thing or two about coffee table books, and the series ‘Luxury Toys’ never fails to trigger dreams and object-lust.

One such book was on the coffee table of a place I recently stayed at. It is difficult to resist browsing, even if one is not an aficionado of the subjects. In this case, classic cars. I would love to have a classic car: a Mercedes-Benz coupé from the 60’s or the 70’s – but by no measure I am fond enough of these to become a geek about it.


Through its pages, the ‘Classic Cars’ book explores a variety models: sports cars, limousine, racing machines, etc. –with a strong emphasis on Italian manufacturers. Models are given the spotlight, very little text and large pictures, often spread over 2 or 3 double pages.

Intermittently, essays try to transcribe on paper what it is like to be a collector or a driver of such machines. While of quality, the casual browser seating on the long side of a coffee table will continue to do one thing: marvel at the pictures.

And one day, maybe…


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