Việt (Restaurant Reviews Series)

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What: Casual Vietnamese
Where: , Hong Kong (map below)
Verdict: 11/20
Damages: HK$ 120 + Service Charge for one person – set lunch one starter and one main course, plus optional drink.

Would I go back? Maybe. This is a difficult one. I know a fair bit of Vietnamese food and while Việt ticks all the ingredients points, there is still work to recreate what a bún or a phở really is, but perhaps that’s not the point. Extra point for the price. Because of the service, there are a few of points lost on service.

Visited & Reviewed: September 2015

Viet's Lunch Menu

The starter was rice paper rolls, 3 pieces per serving. They were nicely made and I can bet the rice paper is Made in Vietnam, however without a lot of sauce they were lacking taste.

The main course however could be described as ‘over tasty’. This may sound a little weird. Vietnamese food is generally very flavourful and scented, rarely one ingredients takes over the entire dish. The rice vermicelli with caramelized pork was good if you like pork. Its sweetness placed a lot of imbalance into a dish that is commonly mixed up altogether and topped with fish sauce and herbs. Here the pork took over the whole thing.

Throughout the meal, the waiting staff was rushing us out, not explicitly of course but expect to get the bill at the very moment you rest your chopsticks after the last bite in your plate. Sure enough there is a queue at the front and the restaurant needs to make money, and rents are high. Feeling rush and pushed out does not make me want to go back, so the investment in time-saving practices may not pay off.