Apartamento #14


A few quotes found in volume 14 – Autumn/Winter 2014-15 – of the magazine Apartamento (available via the official website).


I always want to live elsewhere, wherever I am, it’s like a sickness. I’m always missing a country that doesn’t exist, and every night, I dream of exotic cities invaded by the jungle, of endless towers, and of the ruins of the future.

– Interview with Koudlam, page 88

‘You have to be sensitive to everything around you. You have to be sensitive to the sun, to the light, to the shadows, to the water, the wind. Today, we are ignore these elements, we are inhuman, we violate nature. This worries me…’

– Quoted by designer Michael Anastassiades in his text on Cypriot architect Neoptolemos Michaelides, page 136

Lastly, from a short autobiographic essay from Kenneth Perdigón:

I’m attracted to city life and and civilisation, and I understand the vision of contemporary life. But after all this time, I have begun to miss nature: its values, its laws, the outdoors, the stars, and the sea. It would be great to be able to combine both worlds.

– Kenneth Perdigón, page 270


Food for thought.