A saber toothed tiger skull, cenozoic era

The web is full of weird stuff and weirdos. In this way the Web just merely reflects humanity. Quirks and foibles are just more visible and more public online.

I am an advocate of our imperfections. Perhaps an extension of this semi-militant perception of what we ought to be doing, against common currents, leads me to maintain a level of curiosity for curiosités.

And so it happens is my curiosity is further picked when Sotheby’s announced a sale for a whole cabinet of curiosités. Among them a XVIII AD crucifix, a rhino coral sculpture, this book of caricatured casino players, a piece of meteorite, or a cane sculpted in a narwhal’s tooth – yet Diego‘s skull stood out.

Unfortunately, it was not the clou of the sale, which honor goes to a full skeleton of fossilized dinosaurClou or not, with its estimate price of € 150,000 it found no acquirer.

Tiger Skull
Lot no. 75 at the 3/14 Sotheby’s “Curiosité: un regard moderne” sale

Diego’s skull is dated to be over 5 millions years old. This puts a few things in perspective. It appears to be one of the first animal species to be exterminated by mankind, when the tiger’s main prey aka the mammoth were also driven out of existence. The skull offered for sale has “two canine teeth well in place”.

The skull went to its new home at the hammer price of € 18,750 – one day perhaps…

More on the official page.