Alone, Alone! In a sea of men;¹
Of ghosts, and of shades, in a sea of grey;
They push me around,
And I avoid them,
Chased, i am a prey,
They hunt, and make no sound.

Alone, perhaps, in a sea of sweet women,
Nymphs, mermaids, and amazones,
I am lost!
Avoiding their trap and its poison,
They haunt me, touch my bones,
And i wonder: are they too, ghosts?

The seas rise and again rise,
The port escapes me,
I cannot see it, cannot find it,
There are no hopes that i can see,
No place and no time I find so sweet.

Where to go,
Where is the end?
Where is home?
And how to know?

Of fog and of smoke,
The world goes,
Not giving, not answering,
And always, I am in shock.

Alone, alone,
In a sea of ghosts,
The sun rises,
And my soul still holds.

¹ First verse after Pamela Colman Smith‘s poem carrying the same title ‘Alone’  (more info about her here, and the actual poem can be found here).

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